Zoom set-up

Step 1: Go to the website: https://us04web.zoom.us/signin

Step 2: Register / s'inscrire top right corner blue button

Step 3: Confirm registration in your e-mail

Step 4: Clear a space in your home to practice, set up your yoga mat, check the camera is showing you, close the door. 

Step 5: Use the link to join the class


For Helen's class, since the situation has changed our financial capacities (for everyone), the class is donation-based.


You can make your payment using following details:

  • TWINT Phone number 0794127374 Name Helen

  • Bank transfer to IBAN CH1709000000206904914 - Helen Kurukulasuriya, 1800 Vevey

  • PayPal h.kurukulasuriya@gmail.com

Online Plattforms for yoga classes

Myyogaworks - I recommend the classes by Vytas Bauskauskas, I used to go to his class when I was living in LA. Very strong core workout.

Alomoves - free 14 day trial, more advanced classes

Yogainternational - many different styles, levels and teachers 

Free Youtube classes - Jivamukti class 1hMagic Ten (you will recognize this sequenz) Meditation: Isha Kriya

Upa yoga practices accessible for all, moving meditation (no mat necessary) video

Plus there are many more ressources, check google!